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Has parity been achieved ?

Is equal between women and men always respected? We will see that progress on this parity has occurred but inequality still exists.
Parity between men and women hasimproved steadily from the late 18th century up to now thanks to the Bill of Rights of WomenDictionnaire - Afficher le dictionnaire passed in 1791. In Great Britain, in 1918, women over 30 were allowedto vote, in1928 women over 21 were given the right to vote,. and today more and more women have a job as well as their husbands. Then more and more husbands are performing tasks previously done bytheir wives. You can check this by looking at the parents who are fetching their children after school. Many fathers are now doing this.
However, much effort is still needed to achieve parity. Despitereforms and obvious improvement, women remain a minority in the work field. Haut du formulaire
In most firms, the number of men greatly exceeds that of women and, this is more and more acute as yougo up the hierarchy. And in the 2000s men still account for 86% of the world’s members of parliament

Finally, having passed laws has certainly changed something but the image of women in societystill remains oriented towards housework. For instance, doll’s tea set and pushchair are for girls.
is the image of the woman who cooks, who take care of children
etc. ...) So from an early age thechild sees a world where women do not work.
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