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A) History

B) Actual Situation

II – STOREA) Geographic situationB) Store Organization

C) Management

D) Staff

E) Store results


A) Daily routine

B) Specific activities

a. Prices statement

b. Check exposition products




A ) History

In September 1916, Max Lindeman opens his first shop in the heart of Berlin, in Germany.Etam was born…
It conceives and distributes its products through three brands : Etam, 1.2.3 and Undiz.
Recognized in the sector of textile distribution and present through an international network, Etam benefit from a robust additional expertise in the profession by the feminine fashion(Clothes, accessories…)
In 1965, Etam develops what comes to be known as permanent automatic restocking, a "just-in-time" supply technique allowing for supply to be adjusted permanently to customer demand.

B) Actual Situation

Etam possess 709 stores in France and an average of 10 employees by stores.With a network of more than 3800 selling points in more than 40 countries, the group Etamis a major actor of the Feminine Fashion on the European and Chinese Markets.
Etam’s Network realized an annual turnover of 1020 millions €

Etam is one of the leading brands for fashion essentials for young, urban, and modern women.

Prospects for the future:
Conscious of the implications of the activities on the future, the group structures its responsibility around 3 priorities of itsprogram “Planète Etam” :

- Develop a culture of the sustainable development: several actions helped the co-workers to become aware of the environmental impact of their activity.
- Work on the improvement of the environmental performance (Etam launched the realization of a carbon assessment)
- Make a commitment in the countries in which the group is an actor.


II – STOREA) Geographic Situation

My store is situated in the XVth district of Paris in a Shopping street.
In this area, there are most direct competing stores like 1.2.3, Pimkie, H&M, Promod and indirect competitors like Monoprix or Courir.

B) Store Organization

The floor space of the stores is 250 square meters. Near cashdesks, we can see stands with jewels and accessories. Clothes aregrouped together by themes and colors and the « Greenwich » concept include spirit shop, heat and femininity with wallpaper, armchairs, warm lights, natural materials...

C) Management

The manager has to brief the team and announce him performance indicators as well as objectives (daily paper) to motivate them. These indicators are given every hour the manager have to search solutions in case ofbad results.
The assistant of the manager must be able to replace the manager in case of absence.

D) Staff

The team is composed by ten persons: the hostesses of sales, the trainees, the manager, the manager's assistant and the Merchandisier..

E) Store Results

In 2009, the store realised a turnover of 5 689 000 € on the 1 020,0 M€ realised by the group.


A) Daily routine

* Arrive in ETAM at 12.00 am.

* Before beginning to work, the manager announces the day sales target and the zoning.

* I begin the day by folding clothes, then I take care of customers with advices.
* Lunch Break at 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm* I finish my day in changing rooms* I tidy up the store before leaving.

B) Specific activities

a) Prices StatementThe development of ETAM's offer is based on three core product areas : the key fashion pieces, basic products and accessories.
Its products fall into three different categories : city wear, casual chic that can be worn both during the week and at the weekend and weekend wear.
* Affordable prices (Ex: Jean between 35-49€, T-shirts for 7.90€)

C) Suggestions

* A better inventory control