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1.The Company Background

I. The History

1. A slow and unusual beginning…

Nike began in the trunk of Phil Knight’s car, as unusual as it can be; it was there that the Nike Athletic Machine which was at this period a small distributing outfit began.

The company emanated from two persons:

* Bill Bowerman who was there for more durable racing shoes, he was the coach of thetrack of the University of Oregon where Phil Knight ran in 1959. Bowerman wanted to improve the quality of the running shoes and consequently asked to Knight to do it.

* Phil Knight who was responsible to search in a way to make a living without having to give up his love of Athletics.

The story began like this; Knight got his MBA at Stanford University in the early 60’s where he had to do along term project with the goal to devise it, including a marketing plan. Strong of its friendship with Bowerman, he worked on this project on a firm which would produce good quality running shoes but this made at a low cost because made in Japan and then shipped to the US for the distribution. The project received a good grade but nothing more.

In 1963, Phil Knight travelled to Japan on atour about professional life, during this trip; he had scheduled an interview with a Japanese running shoe manufacturer named Tiger which was a subsidiary of the Onitsuka Company. He told to this guy that he was a representative of an American Distributor interested in selling Tiger shoes to American runners. He said that he was very interested in this product and placed his first order for Tigers.In 1964, he had sold $ 8 000 worth of Tigers and placed another order. He worked with Bowerman and they decided to hire a full time salesman Jeff Johnson.

In 1971, the turnover was $ 1 million it is a real success, but they decided to call the company Nike and trademark Swoosh as the symbol of the company.

At the end of the 70’s, Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike (it was the company whichsold Tigers shoes). At this period, the sales rise from $ 10 millions to $ 270 millions.
During the eighties, they started to work with an advertising agency and this helped in the creation of a new fashion, that encourage people, specially young people, to wear in sports clothes and in a casual way.
Nevertheless, in the middle of this decade, some problems arouse due to one of its majorcompetitors: Reebok. But using Michael Jordan as the spokesperson and image of the brand and the creation of one of the most famous and catchy slogan, “Just Do It”, helped the company to continue being one of the most successful in the industry.
Nike produces a wide range of sport products. Although its first product were shoes for running and playing basketball, today, the company also makes apparel,equipment, and accessories for a great variety of sports including football, baseball, soccer, cricket, and golf.
Along its way, the company has acquired some important companies, such as, Cole Haan Holdings, Hurley International, Nike Bauer Hockey, Nike IHM, Converse and Exeter Brands group.

In the 80’s and 90’s the sales continue to rise as fast as possible, and in 1996, the total saleswere $6.74 billions. Today, in 2006 the sales were about $ 15 billions.

II. What does Nike mean?

Nike pronounced “Ni-Key” is the winged goddess of victory according to Greek mythology. She was sat at the side of Zeus, who was the creator and the ruler of the Olympic Pantheon in Olympus (Greece).

In the Antiquity, Nike presided over history’s earliest battlefields, when they Greekwon they said it was because of the help of Nike.

The name Nike is a symbol of a battle you have to win; it is a way to show that the company is the best and that its products are the best too.

III. The Swoosh

The Swoosh logo is probably the most famous logo in the world; you can find it everywhere, in every sport… They always sponsor the best which is a signal of quality and...