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Brand Name : a brand name is the part of the brand that can be spoken.
Brand mark : a brand mark is the part of the brand which can be recognized butnot spoken (can be a jingle / or a style of lettering).
Trade name : a trade name is the name under which a company operates. It is usually protected bylaw. It gives the seller the exclusive rights to use a brand name or brand mark.
Umbrella Brand : a famous brand commercializes other famous brands.
IconBrand : is when the name of the brand is usedf internationnally to refer to a product (Coca, Barbie, Disney).
Generic brand : when you use the name ofthe brand to refer to a product locally because it is part of your local and daily environment.
Brand awareness : it's the customer's knowledge of theexistence of a brand.
Brand image : customer's beliefs and appreciation of a brand.
Brand Loyalty : it is the customer's commitment to a particularbrand.(to build up loyalty).
Brand switchers : people who are not loyal to a brand, they change among competing products.
Brand preference : it is thecustomer's choice of a particular brand instead of competing products.

A brand can be represented graphically by a drawing , a symbol or a logo, by a word, thename of a person or of a place, by a compound word (mot composé), a combinationn of letters and figures, by a jingle.

Qualities of a brand : the brandshould be easy to recognize, easy to read, to pronounce and to memorize. It should not be too restrictive and should be suitable for use in foreign market.
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