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Kenzo is a luxury brand created by a Japanese man, Kenzo Takada. It is famous worldwide and it has a large range of products, from ready to wearto home decoration. The Kenzo style is made by mixing East and West and using a lot of flowers and colors.


Kenzo Takada (高田賢三 ) was born in Himeji on February 27th of 1939.

He fell early in love with fashion, while reading his sister's magazines. He then attended the University of Kobe for a short while, but he was bored so he withdrew, against the will of his parents. In1958, he joined a fashion school, Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College, which had then just opened its doors to male students.

Just after he graduated, in 1964, he went to Paris, where he tried to find a place in the fashion world. He attended shows, made contacts with the press and sold drawings...

Kenzo was so poor he could only afford fabrics from the flea market, so he had to put a lot of boldfabrics together to make one garment. That is how he made his first design.

In 1970 a lot happened to him. He presented his first fashion show at the Vivienne Gallery, one of his garments was on the cover of Elle, and he opened his first shop, which was called « Jungle Jap » (Passage Choiseul).

In 1971 he presented his collection in New York and Tokyo, and in 1972 he won the Fashion EditorClub of Japan's prize.

Kenzo had a very original fashion show in 1978. It happened under a circus tent. At the end of the show, there were women riding horses and wearing transparent costumes, and he was even riding an elephant himself.

He launched the men's wear in 1983, and in 1988 he created the perfume line, and in 2001 KenzoKI (cosmetics) was launched.

In 1993, LVMH bought Kenzo,and Antonio Marras has been the artistic director of women's wear since 2003.

Kenzo Takada retired in 1999, leaving his assistant, Gilles Rosier, in charge of his brand. In 2005, he designed "Gokan Kobo" ("workshop of the five senses"), a brand of tableware, home objects and furniture.

Marketing mix : the 4ps


Kenzo has a large range of products : women's wear, men's wear,children's and baby's wear, accessories, shoes, home decoration, perfumes and cosmetics.

Kenzo does women ready-to-wear since the very beginning, and each season there is a different collection. Men's wear started in 1983, and then children's wear was launched.

The range of accessories is quite large. There are wallets, passport holders, scarfs (which are very famous and Kenzo's bestseller),belts, gloves, hats, shirt buttons, bags and shoes.

As for the cosmetics, it is made by Kenzo under another brand's name : Kenzoki. The concept is very interesting, so we will develop on it. It uses a blue ocean strategy, because instead of focusing on science in cosmetics as the trend is right now in all the other brands, it emphasizes on the poetic side of cosmetology, which has never beendone before. In fact, you can find cremes with names such as « Nightwatcher », « Creme that makes you beautiful », « Angel eyes » and so on. It has nothing to do with « DNAge », a creme you can find at competitors. Kenzoki has four ranges of products. Ginger cremes are for old skins (but of course it is not said this way, it is for tired skins), rice cremes are for dry skins, white lotus cremesare for any type of skins, and bamboo cremes are for oily skins. But actually they don't sell according to the type of skin, but more according the the name, effect, and mostly smell of the cremes. Kenzoki makes soap, masks, cremes, oils and lotions for the face. But they also make ice cubes, cremes and oils which are under another range, the sensual one. It is actually dedicated to “love times”....