Etude sur la double face de spider man (anglais)

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Spider man : a totally nuts heroe ?
Spider man is a comic character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in Amazing Fantasy n°15 published by Marvel Comics in 1962. Since 1963 Spider has had his own comic book: the amazing Spider-Man.
Spider-man is one of the most popular characters of comics in the comic’s world.

On the basis there is Peter Parker:
He is a human just as theother one.
His parents died when he was 6 years old and he was brought up by his aunt and uncle.
He was a real introvert child and teenager.
It seems that he was bitten by a spider when he was 15 years old.
Here began the transformation =

Description of Spider-man:
* Improvement of his senses
* Can know when a danger is coming
* Agility
* Reflexes
* Good sense of balance* He can climb building walls only with his hands and feet.

Basically spider-man:
1. Helps people when they are in a desperate situation
2. Fight against other monsters or people who transformed voluntary themselves ( ex: the green goblin)

On a certain point we can consider Spider-man as a monster why?
First of all = monster >monstrum in Latin = unnatural event.
Because hisDNA has been changed a human affected by a mutation which helps him to be better than the other human is no longer a human
It is an hybrid.
Or an alien. An alien isn’t a human so if spider man is an alien he can be considered as a monster.
For example:
The X-men: they suffer of a genetic mutation = a kind of evolution but considered as something else than humans.

When we talk about thefamous red and blue hero Spider-man, we also have to talk about the black version of him.
So why he changed his costume?
* It is because of a symbiot .

Symbiote > sumbioun = to live together.
In fact it is an alien which uses a body.
Here it comes from a meteorite and it has a smarmy and black aspect.
It use the body of Peter Parker and in fact this of Spider-Man.

When an alien takespossession of a human body this could be dramatic, and here the DNA code of Peter Parker has already been changed, so this is a second mutation.
A monster turned into an alien monster.

What does the black color refers to?
* Darkness of feeling
* Rudeness
* Chaos
* Inhumanity
* Fear: people fears black.

Because Spiderman is turned into a very dark costume with his bigwhite eyes :
* Looks less friendly as before
* Returns to the origins of the spider instinct

When Peter Parker is asleep the symbiote enters in stage.
The alien gets the adrenaline going and it’s like a food for him, that’s what it needs to live.
* Day= P.P./ Spider man => good
* Night= the symbiote => bad

Combination of both=
* Alien has its own powers
* Sodoes Spider man
* But the dark SP does need refill of his spider trickles, it is a part of adapted potential of the symbiote. It starts to be an organic thing produced by its guest.

The fact that the alien needs adrenaline to survive:
* It changes the behavior
* It could make Spiderman do much crazy things
* The risk to exhaust the hero and by the end to kill him.
* Not asinterested in good things such as helping those who needs, but only for its own interest.
* Or simply to have a devil Spiderman.

The schizophrenia of Spider-Man:

As I said before :
Spider was a human, a real one with a normal DNA.
And as it was well describe in the first film of Spider Man by
He was:
* Stunted
* Rejected
* Shy
* Interested in Sciences

he had allthe aspect of the rejected teenager.
So it was a chance for him to become what he is now.
With his power he can:
* Protect people he loves: Aunt May and Maryjane.
* To keep it as a privilege.

It is a brilliant fun to think that we are exceptional, the only one to have a power on something.

La schizophrénie est une psychose, c’est-à-dire une maladie mentale dont le malade n’est...