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Final Project Report
Information Technology and Society
(due: June 1st, 2010)

In our global network environment, product information and advertisement on Internet is veryimportant and essentially required, especially in the area of business. Customers can search for certain products through this information, order the products and directly pay thepurchase automatically through Internet. In this case, the merchants who offer the products will use delivery companies to send the products to its customers.

On this finalproject, please write a small report about shipping/delivery service company, such as Fed-Ex, UPS, Kuroneko/Yamato, Pelican, others from your country, etc.
Answer, as much as possible,such questions, like:
1. what kind of services offered?
2. what types of customers served, and what kind of benefits to them
3. what kind of IT technology used?
4. Investment bythe delivery company to realize this IT-based systems.
5. How the product delivery and delivery process is done?
6. What kind of limitations do they still have related to itsservices?
7. What will be the impact on wholesaler companies?
8. .... and other aspects you have in mind,
to clarify your case study.

Go to their website, obtain the latestinformation, and prepare a table comparing different types of products/services with other services from its competitor companies (at least 1 competitor company).

1.Please hand in your report on-line to my “Information Technology & Society” BlackBoard systems (“assignments” section on “2010 final project”).

2. Please write the report about 1500words in length, and use images and diagram to clarify your explanation if possible.

3. Include all references, websites and sources of information you use to write the report.