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TOEIC verbal test TOEIC/M10

n. brochure (a) heap; mound; wealth; fortune; group of buildings; dike; levee (b)intelligence; ability to think in a clever manner (c) leaflet; booklet; printed product information (d) part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed
toeic verbal test

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n. offence (a) viewpoint;outlook; vista; view (b) emptiness; available position; job opening (c) attack; misdeed; insult; transgression (d) concentration; ability to concentrate on an issue
toeic verbal test

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n. disease (a) official date; meeting; interview; nomination (b) derailment; feeling of despair in the face of obstacles (c) appraisal;estimation; assessment (d) sickness; illness
toeic verbal test

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n. discretion (a) caution;wisdom; careful judgment (b) tube; trachea; flute; toot (c) person who gives a test (d) structure built mainly of glass in which plants are cultivated out of season
toeic verbal test

n. coverage(a) organization; society; union; coalition; foundation (b) survey; review; news reporting; insurance (c) expenditure of money or effort for future benefits; authorization (d) opposition; appeal;denial; protest
toeic verbal test

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n. claim (a) lawsuit; request; right (b) something which enhances or improves; addition or changewhich adds value to something

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TOEIC verbal test TOEIC/M10
to something

(c) reporter;...