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Chip of reading: King’s Ransom

1. Generality
A. The book
* Title : King’s Ransom
* Author : Ed Mc Bain (also known as Hunter Evan)
* Language : English
* Date : 1959
* Thenumber of pages : 87
* Editor : Oxford-University Press Bookworms

* Name : Mc Bain (also known as Hunter)
* Surname : Ed (also known as Evan)
* Birthday : in 1926
*Bibliography: Evan Hunter (who is also known as Ed Mc Bain) was born in New-York in 1926- July 6th, 2005. Hi is famous for written novel, screenplays. Hi is the author of the the 87th Precinct stories,which is the longest, the most variated and possibly the most popular crime serie in the world.In 1998, he received the Diamand Dagger Award and he is the first American whriter to win this famousaward.
* His most famous title: The Blackboard jungle(1954), The Birds, The 87th Princes
2. The texte
A. The circumstances of the story
* The age of the story: certainly in 1959
* Theimportant places: 1. Douglas king house, just lay the 87th Prencinct, on the edge of the Prencinct in Smoke Rise, 2. the farmehouse, situated in Sands Spit.
* The length of the story: One day
*Chronological disturbance: No chronological disturbance
B. The way of telling the story
* The narrator: Ed Mc Bain
* The time of the story: the story is told white the past and the present* The particularities confusing : no particularities confusing
C. The characters
* Main characters
Douglas King: he is the president of Granger Shoes because he has got a lot of stock inthe society, he lives in a beautiful house in the 87th Prencest, he has got three children and her wife names is Liz. He is tall, with hard muscle and wide shoulder and he has got forty two yearsold and he is in a big trouble because there are enemies working against him.
Sy Barnard and Eddie Folson: are not rich, they are small time crooks, not very successful, but they want the entire good...