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The European map represents the different waves of the Industrialization Revolution from UK, the first wave, in 1835, is in France Switzerland and Belgium, the Stats witch are behind England. Thesecond, in 1850, is at east of France (Germany, Italy, etc), the last, after 1915 is, the countries witch don’t had industrialization yet. It represents also industrial regions in 1850 and 1930 tookplace where are the big cities from 500 000 to 1 million or more inhabitants. There are industrial regions in UK and at north of France, Belgium, etc. On this first document we can note that theindustrialization began in UK in 18th century, it’s the origin, it have the major power, it cause the industrial revolution in the other countries, that’s its power explain on this map. After that, other Statswere industrialized but in 1930 there are many regions witch are industrialized, UK wasn’t the major power at this time. The second document is a bar chart by P. Bairoch and R. Kozul in March 1996,it represents en percent the National shares in world industrial production from 18560 to 1938. It was published in Globalization myths. There is the industrial production of UK, USA, France, Germany,Russia, Japan and one group of the other countries of the world. From 1860 to 1870, UK had the best industrial production, in 1885 UK and USA had the same percentage. From 1913 to 1938, USA surpassedUK, Germany developed its industrial production, and Russia had takeoff in 1938 with the communism. UK had the major power of the industrialization from 1860 to 1885 on this histogram because it hadthe greatest industrial production. But after 1885, Stats had developed their industry and their industrial production was bigger than England. The cartoon drawing by J. Tenniel named “Caught napping”was published in Punch in September 5th, 1896 with a small text. In this draw, an old lady, who represents England because it’s write on her cap, nap on a “world’s highway” according to the text. A...