Evolution de la societe

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  • Publié le : 16 octobre 2010
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The society evoles, the discrimination too! Society is discribed to equalitarian between men and women, but sexims or machismo are always hier. Do you know much woman seniormanager, who has(qui ont eu) a easy career with a fast evolution? They often are to fight for get their jobs.They want to become unique! The woman’s career is more nit thanman’s career.The men think that women are not capable to manage the firm, they have not autoritary and especially they must occupated to their children. It is all thisprejudices who prevent a good career.The women’s discrimination in the work world are more important. 34% of women think that has been vistims of discrimination in their work place,and the difference with men are important.Indead 33% of activ women are a low salary than men.64% of women semior manager think that it is a problem to have children in awomen’s career, especially in high level. So only 35% to semior managerare women; Magalie Barat(old senior manager) said “we work at two for manage one hundred employes, me and aman. I saw that my boss listen that my colleague ‘s work, who he has more the responsabilty than me.”Magalie Barat has suffe to discrimination in her work place; “one day, a man, to telephon,has aksed me if I was competent because I was a woman!”; just as that her colleagues”I often was suffed to children’s jesting or the primes that we forget togive me and that we give to other person.. a man.”It is a women’s daily. However men and women to feel like to establish family.Why will penalise women and not men ? Event ifthtis idea displease at the certain men, a woman is a woman and sometimes she lost more opportunities in her career, because she suffes to discriminalite….[pic]