Examen de l'anglais niveau 2/3

Time: 3 Hrs. AKSHARNANDAN Std. VIII Term II English Parallel 2009-10

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions. (10)-------------------------------------------------
Poor Jovinian! He lay by the side of the road – bruised, battered, hurt, hungry and humiliated. “What have I done to deserve all this?” he lamented. “I have lost my wealth,power, family – even my identity. No one knows me. No one listens to me. What is my fate now?”
And then he remembered how proud and boastful he had oncefelt. How he had believed that he was as great as God himself. Jovinian’s heart was filled with remorse. “How wrong was I to boast so! How could I? It was not I but the imperial robe and the crownthat held all the power. And even that power was nothing compared to God’s might. I was foolish to think of myself as God almighty.”
Just then, a kindman came by. He was moved to see the bruised, half-naked man lying helpless by the side of the road. He took Jovinian home, bathed him, fed him, and gave him clean, decent clothes to wear. Jovinianfelt grateful to the man and thanked him. But he felt that he should not take advantage of his kindness any further. So he left his house and began to wander about thinking about his future.
a) Howdid Jovinian feel about himself in the past? (2)
b) What did Jovinian lament about? (2)
c) Why did Jovinian leave the man’s house? (1)
d) Did Jovinian’s opinion ofhimself change? How? (2)
e) Give opposites of - (2)
ii) kind
iii) boastful
iv) foolish
v) remembered

f) Rewrite the sentence in indirect speech.(1)
“How wrong was I to boast so!” he said.
Q. 2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions. (10)

Mother had several...
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