Your business plan – Entrepreneurs
1. Who you are
Name of business: Floppy buddy
Business address: 7, cotton street, 62500 St Omer, France
Telephone number: +33786009248
Date business commenced: June 1st, 2000
Legal status (e.g. sole trader, partnership, limited company): Limited company
2. An executive summary (This is an overview of the business you started e.g. what you want to sell)
Floppy buddy is a toilet paper company. We dochange paper pulp into toilet paper rolls and sell it to world famous brands (our partners are Lotus, Moltonel and Le Trèfle). We are specialized in high quality toilet paper. The company already produces top innovated products such as triple thickness paper, perfumed paper, and colored paper. Today, we want to launch a new product on the market: a personalized paper roll in order to penetrate the market.
3. Business objectives
What were your short term objectives?
Floppy buddy’s short termobjective was to take advantage of the potential offered in the North of France concerning paper production and become one influent supplier of toilet paper rolls in the area.
What were your medium term objectives?
The medium term objective, once we had became top brand’s favorite supplier, was to differentiate our products from the current market and become the only company on the French toilet paper suppliers market. Thanks to product innovation and patents, we could reach to that goal andare today the French leader of the high quality toilet paper production.
What are your long term objectives?
Floppy buddy now intends to sell its own products on the market, on its own brand name. But only with one new and totally original product: the personalized toilet paper roll. We would like to penetrate the market with this high-standardized product and then become a brand competing on the sales market and not only be a supplier for other brands. We would be the only ones in this [à continuer]

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