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Question 1

The document is entitled Cruise lines, he’s extracted from “Caterer and training guide”. It’s an article published in 2001 who treats about employmenton “Cruise liners”.

Question 2

The article speaks about working on a luxury cruise liner. Work on a luxury cruise liner is really difficult. You have to workten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week. All three or four days you have a lunch off.
The main qualities required to work on a cruise liner is: personality andflexibility.
The pressure is immense because you are always on contact with the guests. On a cruise liner you have to work hard but when you have free time you canstay in places like Africa or Florida.
To be recruited you have to be twenty-one years old. To have an hotel experience is a good point too.
The recruitment iseffective in the whole world. In 2004 8,000 jobs has been created.

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Question 3

Work on a luxury cruise liner is probably really hard: physically andmentally. Of course to be always on contact with the guests ten hours a day, seven days the week can bring you nervous.
To these conditions, you have to add the seaconditions and the co-workers. Indeed you have to live, sleep in a room with four people in a bedroom who includes a bathroom and a television.
The disadvantages can bechanged in advantages after such an experience. After a season you can better mange your stress at work and your physical resistance is improved.
The most attractivepoint in this activity is the salary; you can’t spend your money while you are on the sea. The top is that you get free accommodation and food too.

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