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United Kingdom

Physical presentation
UK is maid up of 4 territorian division:
> England + Wales + Scotland = Great Britain.
> Great Britain + Northern Ireland = United Kingdom.
Eachcomponer has his own identity which is local differencies in landscapes, architecture, tradition, history and even the the way, English is spoken. England is predominately the lowland country (=Plat-pays), upland regions are located in the North and the South-West.

a) In the North, there is a Penine Chain which divided the North-West of England from the North-East. This, givesthe Cumbian Mountains in the West and the Yorkshire Dales in the East.
b) In the South-West, upland regions are located in Cornwell, Someset and Devon.
In this region, there arelarge areas unsploit and wilde landscapes and the majority of Britain's hight peaks, there are about 300 peaks over 800 meters. In the Grampians which are located in the central Highlands, there is BenNevis which is the higher peak of Britain with 1343 meters.
Much of Wales is hilly of mountagners. The highest mountains are located in Snowdonia with Snowdon, its the higher peak with1085 meters.
Northern Ireland / Ulster
At the center of Northern Ireland, there is lough Neagh which is Britain's larger lake. Many of the principal towns are located in valleys, including thecapital city: Belfast. The upland region is situated in the South-West with the Mourne mountains which is the higher peak in Sleave Donard with 832 meters.

The economic activities of the UK.1) England
Part aa) The North of England
We have know a complete collapse (=effondrement) of its traditional activities: the coal industry (= ?), the steel industry (= ?), the ship building (=?). All this heavy industries have declined because of foreign competition, world depression and introduction of the new energy and new types of industry.


Part B : The south of...