Exercice de european business law

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Which branches of the law are relevant in the following scenarios? (a) While addressing a public meeting, Boris makes some critical comments about the government. He isarrested by the police and held for three moths without being charged with any offence. He claims that he has been denied his right of free speech and that his detention is unlawful(b) Alpha and Beta are two major producers of cattle feed. They reach an agreement to restrict production in order to maintain the current price level for their respectiveproducts. (c) Cecile has a dispute with Ministry of Social Security who are refusing to pay her unemployment benefit to which she says she is entitled. (d) Francesca works for aninvestment bank. Despite having had excellent performance reviews, she has repeatedly been passed over for promotion in favour of male colleagues. She wonders whether she hasany legal grounds for complaint (e) The Gourmet Restaurant engaged Design Plus to refurbish the kitchen. The work was to be completed in six weeks. Due to Design Plus’sincompetence, the refurbishment was not completed for ten weeks. During the whole of this time, the restaurant has remained closed to the public. Gourmet wish to be compensated for theloss of profit suffered by the restaurant business due to the delay. (f) George is a passenger in Frederick’s taxi. While taking a corner at high speed, Frederick loses controlof the vehicle and hits a tree. George is seriously injured. (g) A dispute breaks out between a German company and an Australian company over a contract they have concluded.The German company is claiming that the dispute should be resolved according to German law while the Australian company argues that contract is governed by Australian law.