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To test your progress at this level answer all questions, then click 'Test Results' for on-line corrections
1. I've got a BMW. I've had it __________

A. for 5 years
B. since 5 years
C. 5years ago
D. in 5 years
2. Did Susan come home before 11.00 pm last night?

A. Yes, I think she does
B. Yes, I think she might have
C. Yes, Ithink she might
D. Yes, I think she didn't
3. I've __________ washed my hair

A. yet
B. still
C. ever
D. already________________________________________
A. Where has David been on holiday?
B. Where has David gone on holiday?
C. Where has David been going on holiday?
D. Where did David go on holiday?- He's in London
5. They invited us __________ a meal with them

A. having
B. have
C. to have
D. havehad
6. Why are you putting on your coat?

A. Because I'll take the dog for a walk
B. Because I took the dog for a walk
C. Because I've taken the dogfor a walk
D. Because I'm going to take the dog for a walk
Decide if these sentences are correct or incorrect
Correct Incorrect
7. What's your job?I'm a policeman

8. How much it costs?

9. My uncle born in Birmingham

10. Are you free at 2.00 pm? No,
I'll see Jane

11. I haven't been to the bank yet12. How much people are there in

Put these sentences in the correct order
Example: He football playing likesHe likes playing football
13. you have had holiday yet a?

14. what since have I you been saw last doing you?

15. go out shall for we meal tonight a?