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Exercice 1 Simple & Progressive Present
• Joan (1) [pic]football every day. (to play)
• Who (2) [pic]on the grass? (to walk)
• We always (3) [pic](to speak) softly while Mother (4) [pic]. (to sleep)
• Who (5) [pic]to? (you, to talk)
• Jim says: "(6) [pic]to school now". (I, to go)
• In the winter, the sun (7) [pic]early. (to set)
• The church bell(8) [pic]for Mass every Sunday. (to ring)
• (9) [pic](you, to listen) to me? (10) [pic]to repeat myself. (I, not, go)
• (11) [pic]his name. (I, not, to remember)
• No, (12) [pic]; I am awake. (I, not, to sleep)

Exercice 2 Present Perfect— present perfect ou prétérit

1. It's 9 A.M.; [pic](the postman, to come) yet this morning?
2. [pic](I, never, to visit, Rome) in mywhole life.
3. When I was a teenager [pic](I, to play) football every Saturday afternoon.
4. No, [pic](I, not to see) that film yet.
5. This year there [pic](to be) a lot of traffic accidents in this country.
6. My dog [pic](to run away) while I was walking him in the park.
7. My keys are missing: [pic](you to see) them?
8. I can't do it; [pic](I, already, to try) it severaltimes.
9. When I asked him for time off, [pic](he, to say) "No".
10. [pic](you, to eat, ever) caviar?

Exercice 3 Past Perfect* — le plus-que-parfait

Il faut choisir entre le Past Perfect et le Present Perfect. Parfois il faut employer la voix passive.
1. When I went to the car park, I found that my car [pic](to steal).
2. Peter [pic](to live) in Paris for 4 years before hecould speak French fluently.
3. "Where [pic](you, to be)?" she said when I finally turned up.
4. [pic](I, to learn) English for 5 years now.
5. The locals were amazed because [pic](never, to see) a horse before.
6. They wouldn't let him in because [pic](to forget) his membership card.
7. "You can't come in because [pic](to forget) your membership card."
8. [pic](you, to see)the new film by Spike Lee?
9. [pic](they, to drink) a lot of champagne by the time the party ended.
10. They were angry because [pic](they, to wait) for too long.

Exercice 4 Infinitive or Gerund — infinitif ou gérondif

Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire
1. What do you suggest [pic](buy) for dinner this evening?
2. I don't know [pic](how, operate)a crane.
3. They arranged [pic](meet) at the station.
4. Mary enjoys [pic](go) shopping on Thursday evenings.
5. The boss offered [pic](raise) the employees' salaries.
6. Didn't he admit [pic](not, pay) his taxes?
7. I regretted [pic](not, go) to the doctor's sooner.
8. Fred couldn't decide [pic](where, go) for his holidays.
9. The police failed [pic](prevent) theriot.
10. Did the children enjoy [pic](visit) the wax museum?
11. I told him my name a while ago, but he appears [pic](forget) it.
12. Keep on [pic](work) hard if you want to succeed.
13. He really minds [pic](tell passive voice) what to do.
14. They seem [pic](not, remember) who I am.
15. Peter couldn't decide [pic](whether, go) to the match or not.

Exercice 5 Passive Voice — lavoix passive

Mettez les phrases suivantes à la voix passive. Ne mentionnez pas le complément d'agent sans que cela soit nécessaire.
1. Someone broke into our house last night.
2. They cancelled all flights because of fog.
3. Millions of people have read that book.
4. The police are looking for the missing paintings.
5. Theyshould have told him.
6. Workmen were cleaning the entry to the museum.
7. He invited me to the party.
8. They have not opened the doors yet.
9. Somebody will deliver the package before 9 o'clock.
10. Nobody noticed his mistake.

Exercice 6 Used to — la forme fréquentative
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