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Theme: what is the process that is undertaken for hiring of a new job applicant, and for the sacking of a reprehensible worker?


Enterprise: Now defined as a community ofmen organized, financially independent and provides for other men, goods and services or a combination of both at a price to cover its expenses and allowing it profit’s. What permit him to prosper inthe environment on which it depends?

So now, she is public or private, shelters for men as an organization to perform tasks well precise. Execution of those it requires a certain knowledgetypical stain appropriate for the accomplishment of the mission has given the company.

However, in our societies, although there is a process for recruiting applicants for employment, we observe certainprocedures that occur most often in the public conpanies.Thus, that take us in the first paragraph to explain the process public setting, second item in private, then the third dismissal in generalbefore concluding.

1 - The process of recruitment in public domain

Whether in the event of a need or a government policy, the method in most cases is the same.
It’s means that theemployer is launching a contest based on the profile of the need or the qualifications of applicants for employment, to retain the best that will be integrated directly, or through direct integration bydiploma. In this case, is in general the educational level premium, the details do not count. It is just to pass the competition and being in the margins of quota called for by the employer to berecruited.

2- The process of recruitment in private domain

Being already a structured organization, once the need for hiring expressed, and the human resources department conducts thedefinition of the position of work. She establishes different spots to run to the post and provides the profile of the person responsible for the occupy.

Once this stage ends, the human resources...
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