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Definitions : EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company )
CASA (Construcciones Aeronáuticas Sociedad Anónima, un constructeur aéronautique espagnol)

Introduction : At the Beginningwe will make a presentation and show some importante historic moments of the firm.

In a Second part we will Take the Exemple Of The Plane Airbus A 380 and explain why it is a European Company.And to conclude we will show what the company will do for the sustainable development.

1. ) The history and the presentation of the Firm :
Airbus industrie began as a consortium ofEuropean aviation firms in 1970 to compete with American companies such as Boeing and Douglas.

The name of airbus come from the German Companie (Deutsche) and the French Aerospacial Firm.
.With the help of EADS CASA the 1st Airbus Plane flew. (in 1972 )
To contribute to the creation of the Airbus Companie, some Firm from U-k join the
Mouvment in 1979, at this moment Airbushad got 81 planes.

Since 2001 The Airbus Company become an S.A.S. (anonymous firm with Shareholders)

The actual president of Airbus, EADS is Thomas Enders (a German businessman ).

2.) Airbus : A European Company, The Exemple of Airbus A380.
Airbus plane is composed with detached pieces coming from Different European Country
Airbus A380 was built in Germany, Spain, France,Uk and assemble in Toulous-Blagnac

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European dynamique :
As an intergovernmental industrial collaboration, developed thanks to the European community, itbecame one of the most justifiable objects of pride of organized Europe. Unprecedented cooperation between actors of the aeronautical sector, it emphasizes the technological know-how of Europe byadding the skills, because we know that Europe is specialized in high technologies. All the European industry takes advantage of A380, the biggest commercial aircraft of the world became the symbol of...