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It’s been already two weeks since I went back to school ! Yes, I’m counting days and weeks because next holidays are by the end of February and there is so much work to do untilthen that I’m really looking forward to them !

I LOVED your story about Paris and the comparison you made with New York ! I’d like to be able to do the same but I haven’ttravelled a lot yet. The only big cities that I went to are London (if I remember well you were in the bus with us ! :P), Brussels and Paris… I went to Spain and Italy when I wasyoung (I still have family in Southern Italy) but it was at least 10 years ago ! Speaking of Italy, I don’t know if I’ve already told you that my Grandmother (my mother’s mum) wholives in Sete is Italian ? And the thing is, I can speak Italian ! Actually, it’s not the « real » Italian, it’s a dialect… it’s not as beautiful as the true language but I’mpretty glad to be able to speak it (but only in usual situations, of course I won’t be talking about politics in Italian !) even if I can’t write it.

Well, about my trip inParis, the first thing I would say is : I definitely have to go back ! Sure because it was great but above all because I didn’t do many things ! I stayed 4 days but I didn’t doanything for a day and a half because it was snowing ! And when it snows in Paris, that’s a mess with the metro !!! So I was a little disappointed about that ! I saw lesChamps-Elysées, l’Arc de Triomphe, la Tour Eiffel, la Défense (il y avait un marché de Noël), le Musée Grévin, les Galeries Lafayette, Notre-Dame de Paris et le Marais ! I really liked it but Ican’t really say that it was wonderful because it was a real pain sometimes. That’s why I want to go back to see the things I couldn’t visit and to form a better opinion !