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  • Publié le : 1 juin 2010
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Today I’m leaving my house ,my school ,my countryside ,my world a during 1 week to do the most important trip of my life. Indeed I liveto the Southern America and This night I will be to Manhattan
I will be plugged in the urban life I will be really city dweller .I’m veryexciting and upset.
I’m commuting and I arrive in this well-known capital: New York .During my stay I will live in the flat’s newYorkers family It’s amazing .
I notice above all the huge skyscrapers everywhere in the Town. On The main street hundred people are hurryingto go to work they are very stressfully .The noisy is ceaseless. All the road are tarred and congested a lot of cars and scooters infront of traffic light It’s so different to my countryside .In the neighborhood to Manhattan to each block is trendy shops and each pavementthere are snack All the day I go window-shopping I love it. It’s so impressive I lost in this big world .
But It’s also disturbingbecause I see a lot of homeless, Policemen and Hooligans contrary at home .Here I can’t walk alone.
The urban life is very colorful and greatbecause I can, entertain, visit very interesting place and make friends . There will never be bored in the Town but calm campaign isvery restful
To find if I had to choose between the city and the campaign I would choose urban life because it moves and I’m keen on it .