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Soncia Salter,

Composition 1, Essay 3 Final

April 7, 2010

What a Wonderful Place!

Grammy award winning singer and performer Alicia Keys describes New York as “One hand in the airfor the big city, Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty. No place in the world that can compare, put your lighters in the air, everybody say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”. The excitement of going toNew York City was great. NYC has great cultural diversity, beautiful building and a lot more. I enjoyed every minute of it, even though the time flies More than fifteen years ago, as a young studentgrowing up in France, I dreamed of New York City as the place to see. New York City symbolized the United States.
It is time to load our car. It’s about 5:00 am on a cloudy morning, my husband,his brother, his wife and I loaded our car to start our road trip to NYC. First we still had an eight hour drive ahead of us from Detroit. None of us had ever been to NYC, but the anticipation was highdue to the excitement of nice weather, big buildings, shopping that NYC had to offer. In less than 10 hours from Southfield, we will be taking a bite out of the called Big Apple. I also thought aboutall the movies I have seen and feel the magic about it. I remembered reading the story of the reason New York is called the Big Apple. Sometimes I wonder if everybody knows about this lady namedEvelyn who started an empire in NYC and people from NYC gave her nickname Eve. Eve reminds everyone with the relation of an apple and the Bible and then because of her big empire NYC came as the BigApple.
I remembered the Pennsylvania highway and it was not fun. The horizon was so foggy and gloomy and the whole atmosphere was sad. I did not keep a good memory of the actual driving just becausethe landscape was not interesting or entertaining. So we kept ourselves entertained by singing and laughing in the car. We arrived in the city, I mean the Big Apple, and the weather was sunny and...