Facilitating collective engagement through cultural marketing

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Facilitating Collective Engagement through Cultural Marketing

I. Résumé of the text from Head, Schau and Thompson

The Twilight saga from Stephanie Meyer has created an iconic brand thanks to three main resonating themes, which foster readership identification and among readers:
- Post modern-feminism
- Romance
- Superhuman science fiction.
The success joined millionsof readers world-wide and garnered the interest of multi-generational populations, shown by brand communities off-line and on-line threw tight-knit groups whose members share attitudes, beliefs, and practices that give rise to the existence of brand community culture and collaboratively create value.

This huge brand-community culture poses a new phenomenon. Traditional marketing is no longerappropriate because ancient belongings (national, generational, racial…) are no longer what characterize consumers’ lifestyles and predict consumption behaviors.

The factors that distinguish brand community members from traditional consumers include their connection to the brand’s offering, their relation to other brand consumers, and their ability to participate in the evolution of the brand.Identification, techno-social spaces, inter-connectivity and behavioral templates motivate active engagement among consumers. Thus, the role of brands is very much more important in the society, it does not only use social groups any more but it creates these groups.

Indirectly, Meyer created a new female-driven brand community. This community is unique because of its diversity in nationalities,socio-cultural backgrounds and age groups.
II. The success of “creating” a new target group
The post modern feminism image

What permitted the success of the Twilight saga is that the author, Stephanie Meyer, proposes a solution to an important and worldwide society issue: the challenging aspect of balancing women’s needs against society’s expectations. The Twilight sagapresents strong female characters that mirror the traits that 21st century women across several value, with their strengths, talents, and vulnerabilities.

For example, Bella’s mom has strong intuition; the Cullen mother is a resilient, loving and deeply caring mother; Bella has maturity, cleverness, and moral, she is an accomplished student and a caring friend. She also has aversion to beingcontrolled by anyone and the courage to take risks. But she is not a classical feminist; she cooks and keeps home for her mother and her total and unconditional devotion to Edward attests a loss of self-identity.

These post-modern feminists can select how they find meaning in their lives and define themselves in whatever way they chose: the one who cares for her children, the one who doesn’t, theone who would give all to give birth, the one who loves fashion, cars, and her man.

Through these female characters, the author highlights a key concern for her women fan base: the need to redefine feminism. The need to be strong and independent females without being classified as traditional “feminists,” and without making the sacrifice of having a family and loving with devotion. Meyer givesreaders an alternative to the classic “feminist” woman by giving “post-modern feminist” roles models.

Romance, family and assumed femininity are not any more incompatible with having an intellectual and working place in the society. And overall, there is place for choice.
Romance is filled: the hero is a beautiful, loving, intelligent, and profoundly faithful man who has never felt love until hemet Bella. And romance answers to female readers’ needs, in the realities of divorce, infidelity, and alienation, etc. Romance allows the possibility of love for a strong woman. Women don’t need to be dismembered any more between their “former” needs and the society’s new feminist expectation and rules.

By being an answer to a social very important issue, Meyer not only reached a very...