Fairy tale anglais

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Fractured Fairy Tale : Little pink riding hood

Once upon a time, a young girl called Little pink riding hood was walking in a deep forest. This one was very gloomy. This girl lived with her motherand her two sisters in a small house far away from the city. Her name was Little pink riding hood because she always were a pink riding hood. She was going to Maria's house, a gorgeous friend. Whilewalking, she met a wolf. This one was just searching her because he loved this little girl. All days long, he followed her but on that day, he really wanted to approach her. Little pink riding hoodwas frightened when she saw him and she said “ Do you think I am crazy ? I know the famous fairy tale, and you will not kill me ! OK ? I must go to Maria's house, my best friend, for doing ourmathematics homework ! Save yourself now !” “ Oh no no! I do not want to kill you ! I like you so much..” said the wolf, a little juniper. “ Do not speak to me! You are a killer..” “ Please, Little pink ridinghood, listen to me, I love you, you are so pretty, so fabulous...walk with me in the forest, you will tell me about your amazing life.” “ Oh ! Would you like to know, where my grandma lives ? She isdead !! Go away, otherwise I will call my hunter to kill you !” The wolf left sadly.
Little pink riding hood arrived in her friend's house, she told about the meeting with the wolf in the woods, buther friend Maria did not believe her story, she tough the girl was a liar, and she asked little pink riding hood to leave her home.
Suddenly, before little pink riding hood left, the wolf appearedat the windows and Maria shouted very laud “ The wolf! He is coming inside, in my home, oh my god, please help me my friend!” Little pink riding hood had taken a knife. The wolf wailed : “ I am notthe famous wolf in the fairy tale, I wanted just kiss you little pink riding hood !” Little pink riding hood's hunter came to take her back to her house. When he saw the wolf, he tough, the wolf kill...