Family rules of behaviour

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Respect for Others
1) Speak respectfully to all family members

1) Always wash hands without being asked
2) Always comepromptly to meals
3) Eat food with implements provided
4) Start eating after the Cook
5) Help with laying the table and clearing away after the meal is obligatory

1)Wake up cheerfully at the right time
2) Freedom to wake up on your own, take charge of your affairs, including getting to school on time.
3) Obligation to have a proper breakfast beforeleaving

1) All showers to finish by 9.00 pm. Negotiation between brothers to ensure this.
2) All telephone use to cease at 10.00 pm sharp
3) All computer activity to ceaseby 9.00pm
4) All music to cease after 9.30 pm
5) Lights out 9.30pm for son 2 (9.45 pm when 14), 10.00 pm for Son 1
6) In bed when you want, subject to above.

1) Nocomputer started unless ALL homework and other prep/obligations are complete, not just the next day’s work
2) If Computer is needed for homework, this is under parental supervision and only donewhen all other work is completed
3) No music played while doing homework
4) Explicit permission is required from parents before MSN is used – normally only after all homework completed.This is because MSN is very time consuming with limited benefit.
5) itunes – no free downloads allowed due to prosecutions

Disputes with parents
1) To be resolved amicably as quicklyas possible, without sulking, door-slamming, pushing or violence
2) Parents to be reasonable in their expectations and requirements

1) Mobile phones calls limited to less thanone minute per call due to health dangers
2) Land lines always to be used prefaced by 1899
3) Calls to mobile phones from land lines longer than 1 minute to be deducted from pocket money