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After three weeks of party, concerts, parades, expositions and debates, the 3rd World Black Festival is nearing to its end. Akon the Senegalese bornAmerican star closed it with great fanfare the 31 on December in Saint Louis. His performance has definitely marked the music lovers who came to see him on stage.

The 3rd World Black Festival was a bigsuccess especially for the organizers who were very confused and also afraid, the first’s days, about the progress of the Festival. The program of the last day (31/12) was very rich: much literature,sports, expositions but the main activity of this day was the big concert which Akon gave in Saint Louis. People was say that he would not come to Senegal because they don’t have enough money to paidhim,… but finally he was there. The first part of the concert was done by Brazilians artists: Ilê Aiyê, Lazzo Matumbi and Chico César. The concert itself started at-23h00’. It was a surprise foreverybody that a Senegalese respect time.
Greeted by applause and fireworks, Akon held spellbound the public during two hours with known songs like: Mama Africa, Righ Now na na, Oh Africa, Ghetto, Smackthat inter alia… Much of his songs have been dedicated to Senegal and the public. He did not hesitate to give all he has to his fans. After the song of midnight, he declared in Wolof the end of theconcert and the beginning of the show. In an oxygen bubble, Akon went from hand to hand to take a bath « heat » as close as possible to his fans ; snowed under hands, he was even detained at the foot ofthe podium. He has surprised everybody and tired his bodyguards; they were obliged to go and get him out of the public.
The concert has beaten the record attendance since the Festival started. Helaunched messages of solidarity and mutual aid to the attention of youth. Akon wowed the public who did not want the concert to finish.
No regrets, the manifestation were a success which had the merit...