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1) The Full name of the main character is Mayadevi Banerjee. “ Welcome to England , Mrs Banerjee” Line 22
She is Indian because she speaks to her son thanks to Indian’s language.
“ […] Even though they were speaking in Bengali. “ Line 50 to 51 .

2) Amit is Mayadevi’s son . So she’s his mother. “ Her son was waiting for her outside […] “ Line 1
Then SinceMartha is Amit’s wife , she is Mayadevi’s Daughter-in-law. “ Mayadevi looked up at her tall , large-boned daughter-in-law […] “ Line 24 to 25.
So Mayadevi is Martha’s Mother-in-law.

3) The three characters met in England , precisely in London.
Mayadevi is here in order to see her son that she has not seen for more than thirty years now.
Then she’s becoming aged , so shemay pass away quite soon , so she gotta thrive her last moments with her son .

4) She’s authoritarian : “ Mayadevi told her son to pick up her suitcase and take her to his home. “ Line 18 to 19.
Then she’s distant : “ Though the mother and son had not seen each other for more than thirty years , they drove to the semi-detached house in the beautiful , green , tree-lined suburbs inunbroker , stony silence.” Line 19 to 21.
And she’s finally reproachful : “ Mayadevi , who was on full alert , her eyes carefully scrutinizing her son for faults , pounced like an eagle on the first wrong move. “ Line 7 to 9.

5) Amit’s a fifty-year-old extremely successful dentist , member of the Royal College of Dentists and
of a very old London club . He’s living in England ,precisely in London with his wife , called
Martha. He’s well-known as a dentist for his dry , sharp wit . He comes from Indian , and we
supposed he came there in order to do his studies and get rich.

From one part , it matches with his attitude concerning his work , with all people who knows him

and work for him. “ Amit , who was well-knowsin dentists’ circles for his dry , sharp wit […] “
Line 13. But From the other part , he doesn’t really match because he’s totally destitute of any
autority with his mother , she seems to control him , he gotta do everything as she wants , and he
does whatever she’s ordering to him. “ Mayadevi told her son to pick up her suitcase and take her tohis home. “ Lin18 to 19. Moreover , he’s unable to dare answering as if he was talking with
someone from his work , because he’s disturbed , given that he has not seen her for a long time ,
and that she’s his mother ! “ He said in a whining , childise voice , ‘No , Ma… I… so many people
here’ […] “ Line 16.

6) The atmosphere really is tighten , becauseAmit’s is moved and embarrassed towards his mother , he has not seen her for more than thirty years , so he doesn’t dare triggering any conversation with her. On her side , she’s quite distant and reproachful because he didn’t try to see her from now she’s aged .. Moreover , she apprehends her meet with Amit’s wife , because unconsciously , we know she thinks it’s Amit’s wife fault if he didn’tsee her for a long time..

7) The scene is set in London , precisely in Amit’s semi-house , in the beautiful , green , tree-lined

8) Yes she fulfils her role despite Mayadevi’s dry , because whatever she does , Amit’s mother is unsatisfied , and she only criticises her .. Martha tries to be nice to with her , she wants to have some conversation and she wants toknow her more deep. “ Welcome to England , Mrs Banerjee . Hope you had a nice flight.” Line 22 She hosts her pretty kindly.. Then “ […] we will have a nice cup of tea. Hope you like the new curtains we put up for you , Amit did not know what your favourite colour was , so I chose blue. “ Line 28 to 30. She tries to satisfy Amit’s mother , and she is really attentive for her. “ She prattled on ,...