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Power measures taken according to audison standard 1998 edition.

- 12 VDC and 13.8 VDC. - 1 KHz or crossover cut-off frequency. - 0.3 % THD nominal power; 1% THD continuous power. - Tolerance: +10 %; -5 %. - Continuous power given by RMS Voltage measured on resistive load. - The nominal power of the amplifier is measured upon a battery voltage of 12 Volts with a 4 Ohms load and with allchannels in function.

Car power amplifier

Amplificateur de puissance pour l’automobile Auto Hi Fi Endstufen

Amplificatore di potenza per auto

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MP5. It is a five channel amplifier with high musical performances. The outstanding features of its sophisticated circuitry are : “FRONT END” stages realized by two complementary differential stages, final stages made of transistors in Darlington connection, final transistors with in current capacity of 15 A and MOSFET PWM power supply with high energy reserve. This device has four 50 W RMS on4 Ohms channels and a 200 W RMS on 4 Ohms and 290 W RMS on 2 Ohms channel, specific for SUBWOOFER. Channels are driven by a sophisticated crossover which can be configurated at two or three ways through Mode switch; in both configurations, one way, which has a 24dB slope, is dedicated to the SUBWOOFER, which is also supplied with FADER CONSTANT BASS function (Subwoofer constant level whenFront/Rear level is varied through Fader control). The crossover has four independent adjustments for cut-off frequencies, three adjustments for output levels, two preamplified output/input connectors. Mode: Switch on F/R (Front/Rear). It allows the realisation of a HI FI, FRONT REAR system. The FRONT section is driven by the IN FRONT input, which handles a Lo Pass filter (50 Hz - 150 Hz) for SUBWOOFER,and a Hi Pass filter (50 Hz 150 Hz); each filter is supplied with a frequency and level control. The REAR section is driven by IN REAR input, which handles a Hi Pass filter (50 Hz - 150 Hz), equal to the one of the FRONT section, with its own frequency and level control. Mode: Switch on MULTICH. (Multichannel). It allows the realisation of a HI FI, two way FRONT + SUB system. The only input whichcan be used is IN FRONT. It handles a Lo Pass filter (50 Hz - 150 Hz) for SUBWOOFER, a Band Pass filter for WOOFERS (50 Hz - 150 Hz / 150 Hz - 850 Hz) and a Hi Pass filter for MID-TW (150 Hz - 850 Hz). The crossover frequencies between SUBWOOFER and WOOFER are handled by two independent frequency adjusters. Cut-off frequency between WOOFER and MID-TW is controlled by a single adjuster. Each of thethree power outputs is adjusted through its own level control. The Hi Pass section of MID-TW filter (150 Hz - 850 Hz) is repeated on the proper OUT M-TW preamplified output, and it does not have a volume adjuster. Output level is 0dB. Sub remote volume control. MP5 is designed in order to be used with an accessory kit for the SUB volume remote control. This accessory is VCR01K and it is suppliedseparately by audison. VCR01K consist of three parts: 1) Volume control (VCR01); 2) Module to put into MP5 (VCA); 3) Connecting cables between VCR01 and the proper pins on the MP5 power outputs panel. PRECAUTIONS In order for this device to function properly it’s important that it is installed in a spot where temperature doesn’t fall below 0°C (32°F) or rise above 55°C (131°F). It must be installedin a dry and well ventilated spot. Power supply voltage is 12 VCC with negative to ground. Make sure that the caracteristics of the vehicle electrical system are compatible with this device. For safe driving we advise to listen to music at a volume level that won’t drown external traffic sounds. INSTALLATION For mounting use 4 self-threading screws and protective plastic rings provided. For a...