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The Ancient Medina of Fes

Perhaps one of the most authentic sites of Morocco is the Fes Medina, the ancient walled city. Over 1200 years old, the Fes Medina is one of the top three largest walledcities in the world with over 9000 small streets and alleys, creating a labyrinth of hidden treasures.

As you approach the Fes Medina through the Bab Bou Jeloud, the famous Blue Gate, you willenter into life as it was 1000 years ago. The ancient city is full of traditional and culture, starting from the amazing souks (markets), the public baths, tanneries, to the traditional architecture.The Ancient Bab Boujloud (Door) to the Fez Medina

Imagine walking through a 30 foot gate, decorated with blue tiles, welcoming you into the cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. As you turn ontothe Talaa Kabira (Main Street), you will be met by the sights and sounds of the market place. Stalls full and overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables; the colors are vivid and seem to besomething straight out of a photo magazine. Local people are our buying their produce for the day, bargaining for each item on the menu.

As you wind your way deeper into the medina, you will go throughseveral neighborhoods each consisting of a mosque, Qaranic school, bakery, fountain, and Hammam (public bath). The Arabic Proverb says, “You know a house from its door!” In part this is true, butbehind even the most simple could lay a treasure or palace.

Tanneries are co-ops made up of sometimes hundreds of families.

Fes is well-known for its leather tanneries. As you explore the medina,whether on your own or with a professional guide, you will not want to miss the tanneries. Climbing up the stairs of a house, turned terrace, you will be able to get an aerial view of the vibrant redsand browns soaking in the vats. Your host will provide you with a piece of mint leaf to help tame the smells, however, the visit is well worth it.

Your next stop should be the weaver! As you...