Five of the most unusual jobs

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Five of the most unusual jobs

Chicken sexer

Farmers do this for free, but there are places that actually pay someone to check out chicks and determine if they are a chick chick or a dude chick.
Laughter Therapists
This job is one that requires a great sense of humor as you actually have to be able to make people laugh. Laughter therapists teach people how to lighten up and see thehumorous side of life. I think a gum buster might just need one of these therapists after a few years on the job!
Golf ball diver
A golf ball diver is simply a person who works at a golf course and goes into the water hazard and collects the balls that ended up there. An interesting occupation and one a teen ager might actually enjoy during the hot summer months.
Dog psychologists:Individuals trained to analyse the behaviours and characteristics of troublesome canines;

Kosher certification consultants: Experts on Judaism who ensure that food is prepared in accordance with Jewish law;

Five of the worst jobs in the world

Worm taser

I’m sure you know what a Wine Taster does – he checks the quality of wines before it is bottled. You probably know that a Cheese Tasterchecks how good cheeses are before they are sent to the supermarket. But what about a Worm Taster? Well there are a number of Worm Breeders around the UK – they sell worms to the fishing tackle shops who then sell them to people who go fishing. Worms come in a number of breeds – some are more attractive to fish than others – breeders are always searching for the perfect worm – one that the fish can’tresist. That’s where I come in – I spend each and every day sniffing, feeling and, of course, eating raw worms in an effort to find those new breeds that the fish will like.

toilet attendant. Now I know that there are many toilet attendants in the world but I think my job is worst of all. Why? Because I work in the Stockholm Constipation Clinic. So what's so bad about that - well people come tothe clinic because they have not been able to crap. Sometimes there have people who have not had a good shit for weeks. An what happens - well they are given tablets and potions and have things stuffed up there bums. And what happens next - yes that's right weeks of pent up festering shit comes hurling out.

You probably think that being a phone sex line worker is not all that bad – well trustme you’re way wrong!! For $3 an hour I have to listen to all sorts of crap. The calls usually start the same – “Hi, tell me what you’re wearing”. Next they want to know what I would do to them if we were alone together – but after 10 minutes of pseudo sex talk they get to the nasty bit – they start moaning about their wives and how hard done to they are. They bitch for hours about wanting a divorceand how their wives have been cheating on them. I wouldn’t mind being a phone sex line worker – but really I’m just an underpaid Marriage Guidance Councillor!!!

Embalmers: The specialists in preparing bodies for the afterlife;

deal for: a retired Dr. Frankenstein

Job Specifications: At the time of their grief, family members of the( deceased rely on you to spare them to humiliation andhorror of watching their loved one rot before their very eyes. Armed with surgical tools, vats of very strong chemicals, and cotton balls to stuff up your nostrils, you remove any offending entrails and sew the body up nice and pretty.

Drawbacks: You work long hours in a deserted room in the funeral home’s( basement, with a corpse for company. The flesh feels icy cold to the touch, and laterigor mortis makes it possible for a leg to suddenly shoot up just as you’re performing a very delicate disembowelment procedure. The good news is that you mess up, nobody would know. The bad news is that’s the only good news.

Perks: It’s a quiet job, clients never complain, work hours are pretty( set, and given the steady mortality rate, business never really slackens.
Ideal for: ex children...