Ford strategy analysis

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| |2009 |
| |The University of Hull |
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|[Strategic management] |
|By 200911506; 2009 11507; 2009 12057, 2009 12064 |

Ford Strategy Analysis

Strategic Management ASSESSMENT N° 1

Environment Analysis

PEST Analysis

|Political |Economic|
|Ford company is influenced by fuel costs and environmental factors in |Nearly all auto-makers are pursuing new opportunities from newly developed |
|some countries. China government started to implement oil-adding tax in|countries. Because these countries, recently, boost so fast. From 2005 to |
|2008; this kind of tax will receive the tax bills according to the |2009, all newlydeveloped and other developing countries contribute 75% of |
|volume of oil consumption and number of kilometers of cars. |increase of world economy. Especially, from 1978 to 2008, rate of economy |
|Also, decision of American, Britain and South Korean government about |growing achieves 9% around annually. At the same time, average monthly wage|
|implementing the allowance of newenergy cars has been made from |Chinese staff is 147 dollars, which is as twice as India. |
|2006-2009. |Thus, as potential markets, there are so many advantages for Ford to |
|In addition, nearly all developed countries have strict |establish local production in those markets.|
|environment-protection policy. | |
|So, all factors would accelerate development of new cars and focus more| |
|on environment protection. ||
|Socio-cultural |Technological |
|In the USA, pension and healthcare expenditure of staff is a big |‘Lean production’ method has been followed in 1980s. Application of |
|expenditure of auto-makers.Furthermore, attention of all staff is paid|electric, new standard of safety and environment change the design of cars.|
|on it. If being not dealt with well, it would become a severe social |The mainstream of development of cars is that make the car more save energy|
|problems. at some point, cost of the company would be increased |and more safe.|
|sharply. |Design and production of new cars increase the cost of Ford company; it |
|But the population of middle class is increasing, which become the main|should be in the control. Also, it is necessary for the company to follow |
|group of the whole population. These people can afford cars.|the world. |
|Moreover, Chinese consumption concept is changing; they would be | |
|willing to buy cars by loan. | |
|Therefore, Ford...