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Henry Ford was born in July 30, 1863 in Detroit (The city is mainly known for its car industry underlines by the popular nicknames of the city: The Motor City or Motown. We also know that Detroit isthe cradle of Fordism.) Henry Ford have grown in a prosperous family farm. Where he early showed an interest in mechanical things and dislike for farm work . He became to work as an apprenticemachinist in a little city next to Detroit. In 1891, he became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating company in Detroit. Next he had been promoted in 1893 to chief engeneer and then the Ford MotorCompagny was incorporate with him as vice-president. At this moment Ford climbed a rung in the social scale. At an early age, he knew what he wanted to do so he di lots of sacrifices to realize his dream.At the beginning of his career, Henry Ford divided his time between operating and repairing steam engines in a Detroit factory. At a later time, Ford began to experiment quadricycles withgasoline in 1896 and became rapidly a pioneer in American motors, especially in Detroit. Then, after two unsuccessful attempts, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 with Henry Ford asvice-president. In this factory, men worked in groups of 2 or3 on each car from components. It’s the beginning of labour division we can named this Process: Fordism who took taylorism principals . To meet thegrowing demand factory for the model T, the company opened a large factory at Highland Park in 1910. Here, Henry Ford combined precision manufacturing, standardized and interchangeable parts. And also,in 1913, a continuous moving assembly line. The introduction of this technique revolutionized automobile production because it reduced assembly time per vehicle.
Finally, he began theconstruction of the world’s largest industrial complex during the late 1910s and early 1920s. To produce his vehicles, Ford has used various components like steam power, steal, coal or gasoline. He has...