Forecasting process

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Forecasting process of KORSNAS

About Korsnas :
Korsnas is a Swiss company created in 1855, which manufactures cardboard packaging for all kind of business.
It is one of the leadingmanufacturers of virgin fiber-based packaging materials, primarily to consumer products.

Korsnas is :

1800 employees.
1.1 million tons of cardboard and paper.
8.039 billions turnover.
The secondlargest in the world of beverage cartons.

Forecasting process :
Background :
In Sweden, forestry operations are largely organized around a few industry groups (lumber, paper) with numeroussubcontractors to slaughter, hauling and transportation. Today some logistics optimization using information technology is now developing, but the degree of system maturity is much lower. You meetorganizations, within the firm, designed to optimize supply through pooling parts of inventories and transportation. These systems allow better management of existing orders in the short and medium term.Principle of the system :
In this system, many industries are involved, each firm managing its operations and timber roadside supply in a “classic” way, including sub-contractors and potentialsuppliers. But the principle of the system is to aggregate demand and transport supply, to limit the number of miles when the truck is empty (actually to increase the ratio “rate of kilometers in charge”)by organizing the way back.

The originality is in the organization of certain supplies : there is an intervention of a third company of coordination, a sort of “cooperative” of carriers, resultingin general of a group of transportation companies and manufacturers. This company is responsible for optimizing the entire fleet of trucks according to information transmitted by all client companieson the needs of factories and inventories. The system can take into account the round wood, but also platelets and pulp.

Operating system :
In practice, after receiving requests from clients...