Foster's dallas opera house

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#1. Write up a fact-file of the opera house.

This opera was built by Foster and Partners in Dallas, Texas. Based on the article we can guess that it opened in themiddle of october 2009. The opera house is part of an art center that covers 19 blocks of central dallas ans cost $354 OOO OOO. The complex includes a 1O storey theatre (designed by Rem Koolhas) ans asmaller performance hall (that will open in 2O11) It was entirely financed by private funds: more than 1OO millionaires donating $1 OOO OOO and Ross Perot (former presidential candidate) gave $1O OOOOOO. The seats are shaped as a horseshoe (like in London, Munich and ST Petersburg) because it offers an intimate experience, bringing the stage closer to the audience. It has a capacity of 2 3OO. Thetheatre is surrounded by a circular shade giving canopy and a huge glass wall that can be raised in temparate time to open up the entire structure to the outside: that's allow entrance to anyone.#2. The most ambitious arts centre in the US’ research and justify this statement.

The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation implements construction of several new projects in theneighborhood of Arts District is booming. When the new Winspear Opera House (architect: Foster and parteners) and Wyly Theatre (Rem Koolhaas) join the Nasher Sculpture Center (Renzo Piano) and MeyersonSymphony Center (Pei), Dallas will be the only city in the world to have four buildings in an area that are all designed by Pritzker Prize winners in the same area. Foster’s Dallas Opera is billed as themost ambitious arts centre in the US since New York’s Lincoln Centre. The first opera of Dallas had a capacity audience of 3 000 so the actually opera can receveided 2 200 people. The designersthought that quality was more important than quantity. The main curtain, woven silk damask, is the largest curtain of the world. The Metropolitan Opera contains many mechanical systems, seven lifts, three...