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A: Hello Laurie , how are you ?
L: Not very well, because I lost my handbag
A: Has your handbag been stolen ?
L: I don’t remember where I left it
A: It’s so sad !
L: Yes , Have you losta credit card or you wallet ?
A: No because I take care to my things .
A: I buy sometime I buy anything on the internet , and you , have you ever sold anything on the internet ?
L : No never ,I’m afraid to lose money
L : Have you ever bought anything recently on the internet ?
L : Have you ever wasted money on something you’ve never used ?
A: No because I ..
L: Have youever won any money e.g in a lottery ?
A: Saved for something for a long time ?
L : No , I have never saved for something for a long time because my aunt buys anything I need
A: Have you (be)recently robbed ?
L : Yes , it happened several times
A : Have you (be) to a mall or shopping Centre ?
L : yes I go to a shopping Centre every week with my sister .Last week , I bought asweat for the birthday of my dad
L : Have you recently bought anyone a present ?
A :
A : Have you recently used a credit card ?
L : No , because at the end of the month I have no money
L :Have you recently taken money out of a crash machine ?
A: Have you recently borrowed money from someone in your family ?
L : Yes , I borrowed money recently from someone in my family frommy sister because I wanted to buy some clothes
A: all i wan't is enough money to enjoy life me an enjoy ... Bla bla bla + ma justification
L: It the same for me, because I envoy spending moneyL: what heidemarie's job ?
A: Jreponds
A: What possession does she have now?
L: She only has a few clothes and a few personal belongings
L: How did the experiment start?
A: jreponds
A:Where has she lived since the experiment started ?
L: At the moment , she is staying in a student residence where she can sleep , have a shower or use a computer in return for cooking for the...