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Applicant: Hello, my name is Veronique I'm here for the job maintenance
Employer: Hello, my name is Doctor Lilia I would be responsible for this maintenance , sit down please. Before anything, Iwill explain the sequence of our maintenance. First, I'll introduce our company and then you can ask me questions about the job that we offer. you can ask me about employment conditions for this postEmployer: Our medical center is a hospital specializing in pediatrics disadvantaged people of lower class. We offer special services such as free care
Applicant: How many people work in thishospital?
Employer: We employ ten people.
Applicant: What exactly is the purpose of your ad?
Employer: We need an assistant who will help the pediatrician
Applicant: Well, I'm going to ask you somequestions about employment.
Employer: Yes, go ahead
Applicant: How many hours will I work each day and how many days per week?
Employer: It depends 5d 8h / 7
Applicant: Is there a restaurant in thehospital?
Employer: Yes we have a self-service restaurant available to all employees.
Applicant: What are the positive and negative aspects of this work?
Employer: As specified in theadvertisement, the pause will be short. It is the most important drawback.
Applicant: Do I have to work in teams or alone?

Employer: What are the three most important things for you in your work?
Applicant:I think the work should be interesting, varied and well paid.
Employer: Exactly, which is more important to you, money or the type of job?
Applicant: I think a good work we must first please, butthe salary must still be acceptable.
Employer: What do you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Applicant: I think my greatest strengths are mainly my patience, my honesty, myoriginality and my bravery I do a conscientious job I love helping people. Then about my weaknesses, I think my perfectionism is too great and I can not control it
Applicant: Will I have to work...