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«Dad, I intend to tell you something very important », said he shyly.
« What? » said he frowning upon.
« I don't know how to tell you that. It'svery delicate for me.
Say it. What is it?
Whether you like it or not, I've decided to stop boxing because I want to do dance. », said he anxiously. His father gapedat.
« You must be jocking! I don't agree at all. » Billy retorted:
« Why can't I dance? This sport is my passion and boxing doesn't attract me.
Why do you saythat? You like boxing? No?
No, I loathe boxing because when I'm boxing, children laugh at me. They say that I'm boxing as a girl. »explained he reluctancly.« How could is possibly dancing?
What's wrong with ballet? »
His father retorted crossly.
« You know what's wrong with dancing!
No, I don't.
Dancing is asport for girls. All the dancers are homosexual! Said he yelling.
How dare you say that, I think it's wrong of you to think that! I want to dance but it's not forthis that I'am a homosexual.
You say anything.
I entirely disagree with you and I'm determined to dancing!
Shut up! You make me sick. But it is like that, Istop to pay your dancing lessons and you will stay at home with your grandmother. You can forget dancing!
You can't be serious? You're unfair to me. I resent beingtreated like an idiot and like a homosexual but I cant do anything about it, dancing is all my life. I dream of become a famous dancer! », screamed Billy..
« Be quiet! Thisis ridiculous! For God's sake! Why my son isn't as the others? You konw, go upstairs and you tell me when you are again. You drive me crazy! Said he scornfully.