"Freedom of speech" norman rockwell analyse en anglais

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This document is a famous painting by Norman Rockwell called “Freedom of Speech" and dating from 1943. In this work, which was conducted in French, we can see a man standing, taking a large portionof the frame. This one, the mouth half open, his chin raised, the pointrine forward and eyes fixing a point, we certify that it intends to speak openly.

What makes this scene stronger is that man issocially inferior to its neighbors. Indeed, while they are in Sunday clothes, and presentable, him, he is in checked shirt, wearing a jacket and he seems therefore to be part of the working class orpeasant. Rockwell has also been able to express freedom of speech by other means.

You can, for example, noted that people sitting keep a book in his hands, probably distributed at the entrancewhile the man standing has already put in his pocket, demonstrating once again its desire to s express. Moreover, by tracing the horizontal frame, we see that the picture is centered on the heart of man.We may be noted that the various expressions emerge the faces of other characters (Surprisingly, tolerance, disdain...).

The black background and blue shirt gives this man a little more impressiveto the eye of viewers, which put them in the position of the seated guests. You should know that this painting was accompanied by three other paintings expressing themselves as different freedoms(Freedom from Fream, Freedom from Want and Freedom of Worship.)

From a historical point of view, these paintings were created at the time of the Second World War under the Roosevelt presiding. He hasused these different paintings to the American people to explain the objectives of the war, that is to say, make all these freedoms to European countries being under the Nazi rule at that time.

Forus, it is unusual for a president used art to express these ideals and opinions about the interest of this war. He had the merit to proceed to Europe to liberate the differents countries and give...