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In most countries of the world, lawyers often work in many strikingly different legal fields but nevertheless practice under one or perhaps two professional titles (Attorney, Solicitor, Barristeretc).Similarly, in France the practice of law is divided into two distinct professions, that of Avocat and that of Notaire and there are other professions Accountants, Realtors, Estate Agents etc. whosefunctions are also tightly regulated by French legislative provisions. However, it is not possible simply from the French professional title to identify an Avocat who only undertakes, say, RoadTraffic Accident claims, or a particular Notary who is able to advise on wills for English-speaking French property owners whose principal residence is outside France. It would probably not be in your bestinterests for example to ask a French property specialist to handle your criminal litigation or, say, to ask a French commercial lawyer to assist in dealing with your road traffic accident or indeedto instruct an advocate specialising in criminal law to deal with your acquisition of a French company.Moreover, the number of French professionals who are able to provide comprehensive andcomprehensible advice in English is still much more limited than one would think.Thus the aim of our web portal is to help you to find the right French Lawyer, specialising in the right field, for your ownparticular needs and who furthermore is able to correspond in English.You will find, listed on this page, the principal areas of French Law where we are most commonly asked to suggest a lawyer, but wewould be pleased to hear from you (click here to contact us) not only with proposals of fields where you feel we should add a heading but also with your comments on the lawyers listed. You might also careto put forward suggestions of French lawyers whom you consider we should add to the list and, subject to our verification and acceptance procedure, it is possible that we will post his or her name...