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My future profession is to be a lawyer. In order to become a lawyer in Canada, you must obtain a law degree and fulfill the educational and training requirements for admission to a law society.Although the road to becoming a lawyer is a long one and takes time and effort if you're willing to make the commitment, it can lead to a challenging and rewarding career. Canada has two legal traditions:common law and civil law. Common law is derived from the British legal system and applies to all provinces and territories except Quebec. Civil law is based on the French legal system and is used inQuebec. In Canada, there are 20 universities that offer professional law degree. It usually takes 3 years of law school to obtain a degree, but before entering law school you have to obtain 3 years ofuniversity studies. There is not mandatory program to be able to apply in law school so you can choose almost any program that interests you. Common law schools also assign an admission Test, whichwill examine your abilities of reading and verbal reasoning skills. After getting a law degree, you must go through the licensing process in order to become a lawyer. Only members of a law society arelicensed to practice law. Admission to a law society requires to complete an apprenticeship program (known as articling) Articling involves working under the supervision of a practicing lawyer for aperiod of approximately one year, after attend a professional legal training course (called the bar admission course) and pass licensing examinations. Once you have met all of the admission requirementsof the law society, you are now entitled to practice as a lawyer. Okay, so if everything goes right and you don’t fail one course during your journey you have 3 years of university in a field thatyou would like than you have 3 years of law school, 1 years of articling you have the bar course and you write your final exam! It is a long adventure. For me I would like to be a victim defense...