Gender communication

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Gender and Communication

Much of the discussion in which we engage about gender and communication begins from the assumption that generally, females and males tend to differin their communication styles. These differences are born of the socialization practices that communication styles. Now with rapidly expanding use of internet, TV as based form of interaction howmedia can shape perception of boys and girls? How cyber communication can shape perception of boys and girls and in what way it offers to avoid the pitfalls associated with other traditional mediaoutlets?
According to the document CREATING SUPPORT AND SOLVING PROBLEMS IN ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP media shape perception of boys and girls if we approach gender communicators from avery specific context. A context –based perceptive will afford communicators more flexibility in language choice and consequently, greater potential for achieving communication goals in a variety ofcommunication interactions. Still according to the same document although research has shown that the sexes communicate in distinct styles, studies has also evidenced and researches advocatedversatility in speakers styles use. Such versatility is important because it show us how the sexes communicate in different styles in life ad how we use this in media to influence people troughadvertisement.
Today more than ever we live in a society were technology is a part of our culture, while women followed men into cyberspace, when it comes to current usage they have justabout equal. According to the document GENDER AND TECHNOLOGY cyberspace is perceived as primarily a masculine environment. Perhaps because it is related to computer and science that people tend tothink in his way if women tend to be expert in this area it is hard for them because of the mentality and the prejudice that certain people develop when it is related to technology. However it is very...