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Gender: Taicolo «no shyness in religion
 Humor Nationality rise up against all forms of prevention and Tabohat: gays, sexual exploitation of children, different modes of sexual relationship, dealing with prostitutes ... all of these things acceptable and finds the humor) only? (, But remains locked in meetings between people of same sex, age, or between people linked by relations of intimacythey can break this Tabohat. In short, it is very difficult trading jokes sex between family members. When is exceeded the barrier of decency, "says the narrator of the humor of the door Alastltaf:« no shyness in religion ». and religion are synonymous with sex because the governing rules) or so it seems (. heroes jokes Nationality, mostly males. the emancipation of women in Morocco is still notcompleted, and humor is an example. the jokes sexuality, women present to meet the wishes of men and Vantazemath or to confirm that perception of inferiority of women within the marital relationship, which reduced women in her body. good example of this, humor famous that the woman in the sixty-year-old surprised her daughter - a recent marriage - roam the house naked and I asked her about the reasonto say to her: «This Kaftan love Amama». He went back to work this evening to find his wife are roaming in the house naked asked her condemning what is happening. responded Women: «was dressed Kaftan love». I do husband: «Malu deflator?». at best, play the women's humor in sexual role acceptable within the community. the role of «Almtmanat They are willing». but rarely take the initiative. return, it seems many men Vhla strong desires knows how to achieve its objectives. It is the actor and the decision-maker.
While telling people jokes Nationality them, may provoke the compensation words «disturbing» Bmradfadtha French or gestures and signs such as: «The Rak Arif», «complete your head», «game» ... when they are to break this Tabohat and use real words contained in the humor, This meansthat the narrator and listeners, and arrived at a kind of intimacy in their relationship allows it. The chanting and the other from time to time about the whole joke of this Category: «Saw Khosrti».
Sexual jokes are not always direct and carrier of the words I hope the shame listeners. May carry some jokes between them the kind of example Alrmaziat smart young man who called his girlfriend toaccompany him to his apartment. I asked the girl timidly replied artificially reason: «Nmcio Nsamao to Abdel-Halim». Replied the girl with the same artificial modesty: «ms Isali and Abdel-Halim any innocent lie Gadi Ndero?» Replied the young man slyly: «Nlpso Hawwaegna and Nkrjo.»
Religion: the funny keys to heaven
John speaks of Dijon in the provision of good Nrais author of an earlier-mentioned«erosion and dismantling of what is serious. Self-defense in the face of strong and dominant through the laughter and cunning and joke and humor ». There is what is dominant in the Moroccan culture more than religion, Tabou humor par excellence. In the culture of religion is the biggest taboos and the most sacred taboos, comes humor to break this symbolism, religion and to make the subject of jokes. Everything to be accepted and contained in the religious humor. In the past, this was the recent talk about al-Faqih and students to expose Aioppema: sexual tendencies are not always normal, the avarice and greed, deceit ... but religious humor today has grown to affect the largest and most important religious symbols: Allah's Apostle. As that of the angels and Satan, which their presence isnot significant within the framework of religious humor. Alj-Tayeb Ahmed says that his mother was a religious woman who kept the Koran and the Prophet Alomdah, «were not found critical in addressing some critical issues JOKES. This is a kind of liberation had to trading Moroccans with each other through their justification for this proverb: a little to my Lord, the song of my heart ». Alj goes...