George orwell's novel 1984 : analysis of part 1, chapter 8

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Today, I am going to present to you a detailed analysis of part 1, chapter 8. As you may notice, proles are rarely kept under surveillance because of their extreme stupidity. This chapter sets place in the proletarian district, to the north-east of the Saint-Pancras station, which is now in ruins. This place is the designed place for proles to live, where the urban decay is even worse. During histrip there, Winston will visit two places: Mr.Charrington’s shop and the Pub, before heading back to the Victory mansion.
For this chapter, Orwell chose to shape the atmosphere into a nostalgic, yet unfamiliar place. The aroma of real coffee reminded Winston of his lost childhood, where he still tries to put pieces of his fragmented memory together. Here you have a list of the mood you can find.There are divided into three parts with represents, the district, Mr.Charrington’s shop and Winston’s apartment.
There are some quite important concepts included in this chapter. First is the constant occupation. The Inner Party will try always to snatch away all the free time from the Outer Party members by appointing them to a variety of activities. To sum up, one must never be alone except inbed, leaving to them little or no time at all to think. The term ownlife refers to the solitude and independent of one, but think about it. Ownlife. To decide your own fate and make your life belong to you. Of course, the Party would never allow such kind of individualism.
Second is lottery. This game, destined to proles, gives to most of them a motivation to live. In fact, the lottery istricked and entirely under the command of the Party. They attribute the winning sums to an inexistent person. Due to the fact that the proles can’t communicate with other parts of Oceania, there is no possible verification of the true existence of the winners. If the Party didn’t do this, the winners would become a huge threat to them. A huge threat called capitalist.
“If there is hope, it lies in theproles.” As the demographic weight of the proles is equal to 85% of the population, it would be very easy for them to start a revolution IF, only they could be cautious. Winston is aware of this fact and will try to awaken the hope sleeping within each of them by showing them the true past.
The Past, with a capital P, is fundamental in order to understand the present. One cannot say that thepresent is bad without a point of comparison. The Party did a great job preserving their dictatorship by eliminating all historical evidence hence forcing the population to rely on the falsified past. One example is the severe criticism of capitalism.
Freedom. The Party doesn’t fear to grant this liberty to the proles, as they lack the awareness to use or appreciate that freedom.
The principalcharacters in this part are Winston, Mr.Charrington, the old man and that mysterious girl. The old man is too dumb to compare the times and only remember about his little life. We somewhat find out that Winston is scared of pain and that the girl has been following Winston again. Furthermore, notice how well Charrington speaks. It makes me wonder if he is really a prole.
Now’s the plot line. Winstonskips an evening at the community centre in order to walk in the prole sector. He is desperately trying to find a prole that still holds memories of before the Party’s dictatorship set place. Then suddenly, a rocket bomb falls down. Winston’s life is saved by the warning of a prole. He continues to wander around and sees an old prole enter a pub. Winston suspects that this prole must be middle agedwhen the revolution started, hence he should know about how it was before. He offers the man some beer in order to make him talk. Unfortunately, the man only remembers about his own life. Winston leaves him and continues his promenade. He arrives at the shop where he brought the diary and takes the risk to go in again. This time, he buys a coral for four dollars. The owner of the shop,...