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Reasons why Jeans Company should set up in Germany?
Marcia Lee Jean should establish on the German market because Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest bynominal Gross Domestic Product in the world, and fifth by GDP in 2008. This jeans company can thus take advantage of the wealth of the country.
Furthermore, Germany is the world's second largestexporter with $1.146 trillion exported in 2010 (Eurozone countries are included). So, Marcia Lee Jeans can easily export his production and keep a high competitive level.
As a densely populated country ina central location in Europe and with a developed economy, Germany has a dense and modern transportation infrastructure. What is a big asset for any company.
The first highway system to have beenbuilt, the extensive German Autobahn network famously features sections where no speed limit is in force. The country's most important waterway is the river Rhine. The largest port is that of Hamburg.Frankfurt Airport is a major international airport and European transportation hub. High-speed trains, called ICE connect cities for passenger travel. This infrastructure is an advantage because itallows the customers to reach more easily the company.
With regards to the labour, Marcia Lee Jeans can benefit from a highly skilled German labor force.
Furthermore, the employees can benefit of themost important labor organization: the German Confederation of Trade Unions. It organizes more than 7 million people or approximately 25% of all employees in the country.
Finally, Germany continues toemphasize close ties with the United States, membership in NATO, and the "deepening" of integration among current members of the EU. Germany also is a strong supporter of the United Nations and of theOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
The government is parliamentary, and a democratic constitution emphasizes the protection of individual liberty and division of powers in...
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