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Excavating Gershwin

In the roaring 1920s , violin , but Heifetz , made in a sparkling violin and Joshua Bell contributed of his
GeorgeGershwin , then violin arrangements of five orchestra version by an own embellishments to the
a sleek young Broadway “Porgy andBess” songs . arranger , William David violin part, including a small
songwriter , was invitedBrohn. The piano solo in cadenza leading to the finale.
to the swellest New York Those arrangements trace the middle of the tune isparties . To the delights of a direct line from Gershwin played by Gershwin himself
his hosts , he’d head straight to Joshua Bell , one ofwho in his younger days had This “Fantasy” is a treat.
for the piano and play his America’s leading young earned money by recordingListen , right at the start
songs for hours. Sometimes violinists , and the violin more than a hundred songs to Bell playing “It Ain’t
he’d lookup and see another soloist on this recording. on player piano rolls , starting Necessarily So” , coloring
frequent guest , Jasha Heifetz ,with other people’s music and the familiar tune with little
the stunning violin virtuoso , And John Williams , famousfinishing , once he was famous , insinuating turns and swirls.
who himself was quite the both for his film scores and with his own. This is a...