Girl with a pearl earring

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* Griet & Tanneke
* Tanneke has discover what Griet does in the attic
* She became much harder
* She is nasty with Griet
* But we learn that she is also loyal (storywith Wiliem)

* Griet & Pieter the soon
* Griet has seen him just 1 or 2 times during the winter
* Pieter’s attention worried Griet…
* She doesn’t want to tell to Pieterthat Vermeer gives so much work.
* She prefers say that’s Tanneke.

* Pieter find Tanneke loyal to the family

* Catharina’s brother is called Wiliem* Violent
* He used to beat Maria and Catharina
* For Griet, Maria is a strong woman and she can’t think that anybody could beat her!!!
* Wiliem has been confined duringone year into a house

* Maids
* People think that all the maids are listening behind doorways
* People don’t respect them
* For rich people maids are like an object or nothing* BUT
* All the Vermeer’s family jealous Griet!

* Church – Pieter – Griet
* He is also protestant
* He wants to meet Griet’s parents
* Griet hasseventeen, for her she cannot have a boyfriend, she is young and uncertain
* Griet is afraid to show to her parents that she is going to leave them soon
* Father says that they had losther when they sent her as a maid…

* She thinks to her master instead of Peter
* We really can expected that she is fallen in love with Vermeer
* She has a strange behavior!!* Pieter is invited to eat in Griet’s family
* It is hard for them to provide food for an another person
* Pieter is delighted to come
* Griet is angry
* Then shechanges her mind: she thinks about her family who is hungry. Sacrifice now but heavy stomach after…
* Never had a relationship with a boy before

* The boy and the girls represented with the...
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