Global warming

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Is global warming become increasingly evident in Australia ?

Global warming is a phenomena which represents the increase of the average temperature of the Earth' s near-surface air and the oceanssince the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation. In Australia, global warming can be discribed by floods, fires, damaged winds and storms that cause many damages in the country. What ishappening in Australia is a reflection of what is happening or will happen in a few years on this planet.
There are many factors that caused this disaster in Australia. At first, Australia is thedriest inhabitant continent on the planet. Besides, australians are the highest per-person greenhouse gas polluters in the developed world. These greenhouse gas are the main cause of the globalwarming. In Australia, the main sources of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions are for fifty percent from the production of energy, for sixteen percent from intensive agriculture, for fourteen percent fromtransport, for six percent from the land use and for five percent from the industry. These gas emissions are increasing since 1990. For example, electricity, gas and water emissions increasing by 46,9 %.
Consequences are devastating and very dangerous for the inhabitants. In fact, more than hundreed and sixty people dead in southern Australia because of fires. These fires were propaged withdamaged winds, so people have often no time to escape. The Intergouvernemental Panel of Climate Change warned that fires in Australia were « virtually certain to increase in intensity and frequencity »because of the warming temperatures over the next several decades. But if in some part of Australia, forest burned, in the east, floods have swallowed up the cities. According to some people, theseare the biggest floods Australia have probably had since Cyclone Fay in 2004.
That's why it become important now to change our habits, to find solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions like...