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Would you be ready to take a gap year after high school or college ? Explain your answer.

After college I would like to take a gap year inorder to help children in underdeveloped country. I'd like to go to an African country so as to fight off diseases. I think I could go to anONG which care about ill children, but if I have the good luck to assist their parents, it'd be better.
I know that in Africa there are severalkiller diseases like typhus or malaria however I can do something, indeed I have some medical knowledges so I must share that !
Help an ONGmight involve vaccinating children, talking with us, about STD for example, or participating to daily life. In my opinion there is a lot to doand it'd be interesting.
While I am there, as far as I am concerned I could take it upon myself to entertain children with for example gamesor other funny things, therefore they will be more in good mood.
In an other part it'd bring me a lot for my personal development, it'dpermit to increase my skills.
What's more as they have a culture which got nothing to do with mine it'll be really rewarding.
Even if it's not mypurpose it will improve my experience to the work world, it will feather my cap and will help me to find a job.
To me it is something to do,it could change my whole way of seeing things. I have the feeling that it's basic to do something for other people, I must be altruistic !