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Discribing an international company |
Please write an essay of 170-220 words |
Virginie RASTEL |
9 février 2010 |


Company : Google |First of all, Google is a public society specialized in research services and is one of the higher companies in the world. Then, the motor “Google” isrecognized as the “best research motor in the world” because of his fastness, his effectiveness and because of his facility for using. That’s why we’ll describe thisinternational organization.
Google has been created in September 1998 by two engineers: Sergey Bin and Larry Page. Moreover the company counts more than 10 000employees in the world.
Firstly, to start with the higher level, the C.E.O (Chief executive officer) is Eric Schmidt who has joined Google in 2001. He’s up inthe board of directors which is composed of others important stockholders like John Doerr, Ram Shiram, John Henessy, Paul Otellini and Aun Mather.
Larry Page,one of the two founders, is also the production manager and is supported by the C.E.O, Eric Schmidt. He is in the charge of the production department and he’s amember of the direction team like the other founder, Sergey Bin, who’s the C.T.O and who’s accountable to Eric Schmidt too. Furthermore, in the direction team,there are also many vice-presidents who are in charge of several departments like the finance which is headed by Patrick Pichette. The marketing department ishead of the marketing manager, Jonathan Rosenberg.

To sum up, the Google’s success result of the well organization and the good functioning of its hierarchy.